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ARCHITECT: E. Stewart Williams (expansion by Lundgren and Maurer, 1960)

Harold Hicks, one of the founding fathers of the city of Palm Springs, commissioned architect E. Stewart Williams to design the building originally for his real estate and insurance business. In 1960, Mr. Hicks and his brother Milton opened the Desert Water Company and had the building expanded.

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Living-room-interior-design.jpgProcessed foods (which are also likely to have long shelf lives) also tend to have a long ingredient list most of which we can not even pronounce; they are not real foods that occur in nature. Not only do these foods have detrimental additives and preservatives, they boast inferior fortified nutrients which have been added in the factory and do not absorb well. Does the food have added sugar? If the answer is yes, it is best to avoid this carbohydrate-containing food. Carbohydrates automatically turn into sugar when digested so it is important not to add to that sugar that will naturally convert in your bloodstream Keep in mind that there are over 60 different names for sugar that have been found on food labels; some of the most common ones are barley malt, dextrose, rice syrup, sucrose, and high-fructose corn syrup. The carbohydrate-containing foods I recommend do not fall into any of the above-mentioned categories. They are nutrient-dense whole foods that are unprocessed with little to no shelf lives and have no added sugars. On the next page is a snapshot of some of my favorite carbohydrate foods, based on micronutrient composition and the effect they have on blood sugar levels.

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