Living Decorations Ideas

Living Decorations Ideas

Bathrooms are elegantly designed.

TODAY’S bathroom is an extremely attractive interior. It’s also a room often desgined to serve other purposes as a dressing area, a sitting room. It’s a room that’s being given the same kind of in-trest shown to other areas of the home.

This is seen in bathroom interiors that eschew the lavatory look. Utilities are constantly being improved and streamlined. There are now many exciting new flooring and countertop materials.

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More attention is being paid to the furnishings and accessories used in the bathroom. Often it is these elements that can make the real difference can give the bathroom the warmth and charm it needs. The typical bathroom mirror or bathroom ashtray is out. Now beautifully framed mirrors that could easily be used in the bedroom or living rooms, as well as interesting, often unusual accessories, are finding their way into bathroom decoration. Color schemes are making a big difference, too. The pale pastel look is being bypassed in favor of a more dynamic and sophisticated scheme. If a bathroom adjoins the master bedroom, then it restates the colorations of the larger room.

Wallpapers and wallcoverings are important devices in bathroom decoration they offer pattern relief to the large solid areas of tile and flooring. Attractive cabinet design and more elegant, better designed fixtures are also being utilized to achieve a more handsome overall effect. If the bathroom is windowed, then an exciting, somewhat more elaborate window design is suggested. Shower curtains often coordinate with the wallpaper of the room and are made more decorative by the addition of fringe or by being tied back to one or two sides of the shower.

A coordinated wallpaper and fabric give bathroom (left) the kind of high-style look that is now associated with bathroom decoration.

There is a play on texture, too the interesting contrast of the marblelike, vinyl counter top, the smooth and shiny ceramic tile, the wood-grained storage cabinet.

Note the large, three-way mirror placed above the sink. Tile by American Olean.

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