Lighting for room without ceiling light

If you feel your business would benefit from being linked up to the internet, but are rather baffled or intimidated by the prospect of getting on-line, dont be, it is actually fairly straightforward, and a logical approach will make it a lot simpler In the next issue Johnny Dobbyn explains how to get yourself connected, and Annette Surfer inspects some more sites. Really she looked ssooo ridiculous tottering around the grassy car park, sinking ankle deep into the mud if she stood still for more than a minute. She won’t be going to Maison & Objet this year; not after last year’s appaling display of Home Counties french. She tried to tell the people at D’Maison that she was an excellent customer (“je suis une ange),the head of sales almost called security to have her carted off! She was shouting vous etes une orange? C’est incroyable. God knows what she thought it meant. Totty returned from her errand to find several customers waiting in the shop, Lighting for room without ceiling light clearly Elotta was rushed off her feet, How can she tell her she’s going to work for Ricky instead?

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