Lighting for jewelry photography

I accessed it again the next day to check a spelling, and found a completely different site! A week later the Editor asked me to try it again to see if the second site had been developed any further; and I am greeted by the original site. What’s happening??? Here then is the original review: Under the banner ‘The Pattern of Life’, Lighting for jewelry photography Coloroll features four flashing thumbnail sections and the chance to enter a number of product areas. By clicking on the photograph, the reader is taken into a page for that particular range, showing three room settings, some product descriptions, areas covered and price information. As is often the case with fabrics, the pictures say everything. I took a look at the wallpaper ranges featured which included Colon/vall and Vibe. Again, by clicking on the relevant picture, the viewer is taken into the page for each of these product ranges. At the time I accessed this information it took a while to down-load, with the background music not at all forthcoming. However; the important details on each collection were there to be seen, starting with a brief description, with the opportunity to see more.

Lighting for jewelry photography Photo Gallery

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