Lighting Ideas Barn Wedding

Lighting Ideas Barn Wedding

When in Doubt, Paint It White

One evening, while having dinner at a friend’s house I found the solution, one that might work for anyone. She had purchased a dark and dingy house in which everything was covered with dark paneling. With more time and energy than money and with the help of a few good friends she painted every square inch of that house, including the brick fireplace, with white latex paint. The before and after pictures are proof that anything is possible. The house now looks bright and modern and shows off the basic good design of the space. Paint it white and you can’t go wrong. Don’t know what to do with that old furniture? Paint it white!

Simple Furnishings

When you have an all-white environment it’s best to keep it light. Heavy, dark furniture won’t do. Add furniture of light woods and accessories such as a collection of interesting baskets on a mantelpiece. Old crocks and jugs can be interesting, even grouped in a corner on the floor. A quilt hanging on a large wall or on a stairway wall makes a dramatic accessory.

A Tip from the Pros

During a recent visit to the Sherwin Williams plant I learned that if you wipe any piece of furniture down with denatured alcohol (available in paint stores), you can then apply paint without stripping. My further advice is to make your primer coat Bin or Kilz, available in home centers. Then use a semigloss paint and you’re on your way to a brighter future.

Paint Tips

At our house something always needs painting. We used to buy inexpensive brushes because cleaning brushes is a thankless job. The cheap ones can be thrown out with abandon after a job is done. But anyone who paints knows that the better the tools, the better the end results.

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