Lighting Craft Ideas

Lighting Craft Ideas

Natural Textures and Colors

I use the top of my china cabinet to display a group of accessories, which I change from time to time. My latest grouping is made up of several wooden spool candlesticks; an old-fashioned hat stand; a round grain scoop; and a large, round, rustic basket. They are all rounded in shape, of varying shades of brown, and everything is made of wood. The rough texture of the basket adds interest to the other smooth-textured items.

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If you’ve assembled a group of items that relate in one way or another, work with them to create an arrangement. Stand back and look at what you’ve created. Now take one item away. Then another. Now rearrange with what you have left. Eventually you will be able to decorate with one accessory, a simple sprig of flowers in a beautiful vase, for example.

Paint Is the Cheapest Form of Flattery

Revelations can come about under the oddest circumstances. While standing in the paint aisle of Kmart it occurred to me that I don’t have the patience for perfection. Martha Stewart was responsible for this revelation. Whatever she does, she expects nothing less than perfection, both from herself and others, and her taste is impeccable. As I stood there mulling over my paint options, I realized that everyone wants to be perfect at something. In this regard I decided to come up with one simple idea that anyone can do in order to achieve a moment of perfection.

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