Kitchen Wallpaper Color Ideas

Kitchen Wallpaper Color Ideas
Establishing a vertical
It goes without saying that hanging your first strip of paper vertically is crucial. This is not only because, on a practical level, it will be very difficult to reproduce exactly time and time again an off-vertical hanging line, and gaps and cracks between strips of paper will appear with no hope of correction, but because rather obviously most patterns are designed to hang straight
A few helpful hints
1 Paper in a logical sequence. If there is an obvious focal point, centre your first piece there and work outwards.
2 If there is no focal point, start to the right of the main window and work clockwise around to the door.
3 To match a pattern, lay a strip on the pasting table and place another beside it, lining up the pattern.
4 It is vital that you establish a true vertical before you start. You can do this with a plumb line or spirit level and will never look right unless they do. Use a spirit level or plumb line to make sure that the paper is absolutely vertical; do not follow the line of windows or doors as these, particularly in older houses, are not always straight.
To get a true vertical, hang the plumb line by a pin from the top of the wall and mark the line of its fall lightly with chalk or a pencil.
Obviously, it is essential to repeat this process on each wall to be papered rather than assuming anything.

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