Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Putting up friezes and borders
Borders that require ordinary wallpaper p-will not stick onto vinyl wallpapers, so self-adhesive borders for vinyls and spec: overlap adhesive to apply ordinary ones.
A In a room with little or no intrinsic architectural interest, borders and friezes can be used as an admirable substitute. In this child's room, a candy-striped paper in mint green and white combined with a lively border printed with farmyard animals creates a clean yet lively look at minimal cost.
Plain-painted or papered walls can be transformed with the addition of a border or frieze, and most manufacturers now produce ranges that complement their wallpaper.

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Borders are usually used to frame a feature in the room, such as a door or window, or to create a feature by forming panels on the wall or ceiling, whereas friezes generally come as a pre-cut decorative feature which can be hung at ceiling or picture-rail height.
Applying friezes
To use a frieze to create the effect ot cornice, picture or dado rail, first measir the perimeter of the room at the releu: height where you wish to apply the frieze
Use a spirit level, straight edge and per. ; to draw a straight horizontal line to rr. A: where you wish to apply the bottom edge i the frieze. Lay the frieze pattern-side dow in the middle of the pasting table and bru on the paste, ensuring that glue reaches rig: up to the edges.

Fold into a loose concern: and apply to the wall, making sure tl bottom edge lines up with your guidelm Smooth into place with a brush.

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