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Here are some other well-known places whose bedding prices wont keep you up at night:

Mattress Discounters

757 Boylston St, Boston; (617)437-6633

872 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617)738-0033

485 Granite St, Braintree; (617) 380-0977

486 Westgate Dr. Brockton; (508)584-7005

112 Burlington Mall Rd. Burlington; (617) 270-6633

Royal Slumber Shops

397 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington; (617) 648-0933

361 Boylston St (Rte. 9), Brookline; (617) 731-2345

64 Cambridge St, Burlington; (617) 273-2220

251 Worcester Rd. (Rte. 9), Natick; (508) 235-3229

68 Highland Ave. Needham; (617) 455-0048

980 Providence Hwy. (Rte. 1), Norwood; (617) 762-5268

660 Arsenal St, Watertown; (617)923-6021

Weymouth Landing, Rte. 53, Weymouth; (617) 337-4901

And other suburban locations

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