Kitchen Furniture Ideas From India

Kitchen Furniture Ideas From India

Window Treatments

New and improved window treatments are available and constantly updated. If you want to cover your windows in style with the least amount of effort, there are quite a few ways to do this. If you can find one treatment that works for all your windows, it will not only save you money (buying many can often result in a deep discount) but the continuity from room to room will look best.

Innovative Window Coverings

Springs Window Fashions offers a clever innovation to make life easier and more convenient: remote-controlled, motorized window shades and blinds. This has to be the ultimate for confirmed couch potatoes and I for one want to be a member of this club. The battery-operated Auto Vue automated blind system is so inexpensive that many more people will now have one less reason to get up and walk across the room. In fact, to make things even easier, they have a remote control unit so you can open all your window coverings from a single remote! If this remote blind system appeals to you, you might like to know that it operates with a motor and microchip that fits invisibly inside a standard headrail and that it will operate for up to three years on four AA-size batteries. In other words, no electrician is needed for installation.

This window treatment is a great advantage for tall windows or out-of-the-way windows where it’s inconvenient or dangerous to operate blinds or shades manually. Aside from the remote control feature, these blinds also offer a light sensor option that opens and closes window coverings automatically in response to changing light conditions. This is a terrific feature for homeowners who don’t occupy their homes on a full-time basis. Your home is more secure because it has a lived-in look, even when you’re not there to open and close the blinds. Auto Vue is available on most models of Graber or Nanik blinds, pleated shades, and vertical blinds, and you can find them through retailers nationwide if you look under these names in the Yellow Pages under “blinds” or “window shades.”

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