Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Indeed, there are very few existing floors that cannot be improved by one of the wide range of decorative treatments now available. For instance, floors that really seem past all hope but which are structurally sound can have plywood shapes fixed to them which are then painted or stained, perhaps in imitation of flagstones or marble tiles ( 144 145). Such a treatment can transform a rough old floor for very little outlay and will look far more sophisticated than cheap carpet.

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Bare wood or concrete is not to everyone’s taste; nor is either appropriate to every situation. Fortunately, it is a relatively easy matter to change their appearance completely by adding a new layer of floor-covering. Flooring materials are diverse and within each group there are variations and styles to suit every taste and requirement. All can be quick and easy to install. Hard tiles and stone provide hard-wearing flooring suitable for anywhere receiving a lot of foot traffic or where water is present ( 158161). Flexible flooring such as vinyl or linoleum, in sheet or tile form, offers softer, waterproof options, suitable for kitchens and utility areas, and, if cushioned, is especially kind to the feet ( 166169). Even new wood floors can be laid without much effort or skill ( 176179). And for total underfoot luxury there is today a huge range of carpets and natural floor-coverings unsurpassed for variety and price range ( 182185).

Varied as they are, all these exciting floor-coverings usually require a sound, level floor upon which to rest in order to ensure that they look good and wTear well. Before laying any new flooring the existing floor should be checked for any faults and repaired or prepared as appropriate for the new flooring material ( 152155).

With so many flooring options on offer, there is nothing to stop anyone from having beautiful floors, no matter what the size of their pocket. Free up your imagination and you will achieve surprisingly dramatic effects.

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