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STEP 1 Holding loose tail with your thumb, wrap the rope up and over fingers 3 times. STEP 2 Tuck the working end outside the loops at the back of hand, pulling the end through to your palm side through gap between your fingers. STEP 3 Wrap the working end around the back and the palm loops 2 times. STEP 4 On the third pass, wrap working end around palm loops only and exit through the centre on the side with tail. Kitchen design ideas STEP 5 Bring the working end through hole below centre loops. Wrap up and over loops 3 times, hold in place;. Exit working yarn through the centre to side with tail. ST EP 6 Insert core, (such as marble or tennis ball) into centre of knot. STEP 7 Adjust loops on each side of knot, tightening knot around the core. PParacord and polyester cord Available in a bunch of colours, this super-strong cord is more weather-resistant than natural-fibre cord. Find it in outdoor adventure stores and in limited colours in craft stores.

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