Kitchen Decorating Above Cabinets Ideas

Kitchen Decorating Above Cabinets Ideas

You are fortunate if your house has ii original folding or rolling wooden shutter which may be nailed up waiting to be redis covered. If the original shutters are missint a joiner can be commissioned to make ne ones, or you could make them yourself if yo have the necessary carpentry skills.

There is, of course, no requirement fc you to cover your windows at all. Shutter; curtains, blinds or anything else are used fo a number of reasons, such as privacy, draugh exclusion and visual appearance. But if window has none of these requirements, an especially if it is well proportioned or look out on a striking view of countryside o rooftops, leave it bare. This will be particu larly effective in a room with a fresfc clear-cut, simple look.

Not all windows are situated in extern; walls or the roof, nor are they always see through. A window in an internal wall give Typically, tall sash windows in an eighteenth-century house would have had hinged shutters which folded back neatly during the day. When closed at night they excluded draughts and lent a degree of security. Nowadays, shutters can be made by a carpenter to fit almost any window -at a price.

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