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Attract birds to your garden by providing a source of water. March birdbath, 530 x 570mm, R360, from Builders Warehouse, visit


Freshwater Life: A field guide to the plants and animals of southern Africa (Struik Nature) by Charles Griffiths, Jenny Day and Mike Picker, explores the fascinating ecology of freshwater organisms in South Africa and where to find them. This book spans all aquatic life forms, from large vertebrates to insects, molluscs and other invertebrates including aquatic plants and microscopic algae. It also features sections on ways to save water in your garden and how to make your own wetland.

Fuchsias need a little TLC after their summer flush of flowers.

In hot, dry regions wait until the weather is cooler.

Remove old flowers, seed pods and discoloured leaves.

Cut out any thin wood, dead twigs and crossing branches to let in more light.

Trim back lightly, about two nodes, or to strong, healthy-looking growth.

Gently loosen the top few centimetres of the soil around plants in pots and discard and replace it with fresh soil and compost mix.

Mulch and feed with 3:1:5 fertiliser and water in a sprinkling of Epsom salts.

A strip of yellow cardboard, smeared with Vaseline and hung between fuchsia bushes will trap whitefly.


Repel flies and mosquitos with a heating unit thats filled with natural fly and mosquito-repellent LAPA oil. Plug it into an electric socket either indoors or on your patio. Its available at Builders Warehouse,

Builders Express, Outdoor Warehouse and selected Spar stores, about R150 for the combo pack. Visit

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