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Atto, bishop of Vercelli in the 10th c., replying to a priest, Ambrose who asked him how to understand the terms presbytera and diacona that he found in the canons, admitted that women were regularly ordained deacons and presbyters and president of churches in the early church. Johannesburg/East Rand Subway Map Atto also indicates with precision the respective ecclesiastical offices of deacons and presbyters: for the former, ministry and baptism; for the latter, preaching, leading and teaching. The rites for the ordination of male and female deacons were identical. In the Pontifical of Egbert of York 8th c. the ordination of a deaconess is included among those of male deacons. In the Roman-Germanic Pontifical 10th c. the ordination of an abbess or deaconess is included among those of abbots and deacons, and female deacons and female presbyters are mentioned therein along with their male colleagues. Pope Zachariass prohibition against anybody having intercourse with a presbytera, diacona, nonna or monacha 743 imposes celibacy on women presbyters, deaconesses, conventual women and nuns, not on wives of presbyters and deacons.

The same is the case with the prohibitions of popes Leo VII and Gregory II of marriage with a presbytera or a diacona, and again with the analogous prohibition ascribed to Pope Nicolas I 9th c.. These and many more testimonies show that the diaconate continued to be a ministry shared by both men and women for many centuries, with similar functions and identical requirements and ordination rites.

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