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Get fired up Put a little zest into your alfresco entertaining with a versatile woodfired oven and an outdoor kitchen greater variety and versatility when entertaining, outdoor kitchens with a woodfired oven are rapidly becoming a must-have across the country. Zesti Woodfired Ovens, an Australian company known for its high-quality woodfired ovens, can supply everything you need to create a contemporary outdoor kitchen tailored to meet your individual cooking and entertaining needs. Custom-designed and -built full stainless-steel alfresco kitchens can be integrated with a wide range of products, including barbecues, fridges, sinks, ice machines and woodfired ovens. You also have a choice of stai+nless-steel or stone benchtops, and if you would like your alfresco kitchen doors to have a customised finish, Zesti has introduced a stunning range of Aztec colours. The innovative Zesti Z1100 woodfired oven is considered by many to be the ultimate cooking appliance. Italian interior design ideas Ensuring a restaurant-quality result, the oven cooks a varied range of foods such as roasts, bread, vegetables, seafood, poultry and that alltime favourite, pizza. In addition to delivering the authentic flavours of woodfired cooking, a Zesti woodfired oven creates an ambience that guests will love and it makes cooking in your own backyard fun. Of course the benefits extend further than the food you can cook. A Zesti woodfired oven doesn’t require the same maintenance as a barbecue as it self-cleans each time it is used. This is due to the high temperatures reached during the cooking process. Also, Zesti Woodfired Ovens has eliminated the age-old problem of “bad cracking”, the curse of many rendered woodfired ovens, by using stainless steel in the construction. Once you’ve decided you want to make your Zesti woodfired oven the focal point of your outdoor entertaining, it can be easily incorporated into Zesti’s custom-built alfresco kitchens as a built-in unit, or as a free-standing unit in your garden or outdoor room. It can also be incorporated into a trolley so that it can be moved around. Whatever option you choose, it will be an investment in your family’s lifestyle that will be enjoyed for years to come. Zesti also fabricates a wide range of commercial products, including rotisseries, height-adjustable grills, tandoors and electric woodfired ovens. For more information Zesti Woodfired Ovens Unit 3, 43 Westchester Road, Malaga WA 6090 Phone (08) 9209 3103 Website

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