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The other designs in the collection, which is suitable for all ages, were also inspired by close personal interest. Bees is a tribute to his much admired bee-keeping Uncle Bruno, in whose house Jonathan was born. On the fabric, the little bees flit about against a sky-patterned background. Interior room designs It was this ‘random flying effect’ that Jonathan wanted to retain in the wallpaper Being from a fine art background he was not initially constrained by the technical aspect of printing the wallpaper in repeat, but was intent on achieving the effect he desired. The result is Sky wallpaper with cut-out, self-adhesive bees available separately for customers to position exactly as they wish. |(Whale cut-outs are also available, | to team with Sea wallpaper) Jonathan liked the idea of being able to buy a metre of fabric on which every whale is different, so he chose to ignore the conventional side-repeating of pattern, instead opting for variety with different whales depicted right across the full width of the fabric.This was then used for all the designs in the collection.

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