Interior Ideas For Living Room

Interior Ideas For Living Room

A combination bathroom, dressing room and private retreat, is seen at right.

Lady Syroco accessories are used in an antique gold finish as a warm contrast to the sophisticated modern glass and plexiglass furniture.

Vibrant red, white and blue color scheme creates a spectacular effect.

Bathroom and bedroom decoration and color scheme should be related and coordinated.

The Country French theme is carried through in bathroom (left) with Syroco accessories in a warm walnut finish.

A well-proportioned bathroom should be designed with dressing and sitting areas.

Accessories by Syroco (below) styled with scroll motif are teamed with floral carpeting, tailored striped wallpaper.

Settings at left and below right were designed by John Elmo, A.I.D.

The old looks like new (above) with bathroom furnishings styled in high-fashion colors and patterns. Sturdy carpeting of Caprolan nylon supplies warmth and comfort, minimizes accidents, cleaning. 102

Conventional bathroom (above) is given great style impact by the lavish sweep of one bold pattern (“Sea Nymph” from the Wal-Tex collection by Columbus Coated Fabrics), used both as wallcovering and for shower curtain fabric.

Fabric-covered plywood cornice and draperies contribute a glamorous finishing touch to bathtub.

Many new bathrooms are designed with twin sink and dressing areas (right) so that both husband and wife can use the sink at the same time.

Twin areas in this bathroom are given identical mirrors with attractive carved frames.

Medicines and cosmetics are stored in wall length cabinet.

Shower curtain is fringed and tied to one side for a more interesting, decorative look.

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