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Crate and Barrel Outlet

460 Wildwood St, Woburn; (617)938-8777

You all know and love Crate and Barrel (Mr. C has spoken with enough fellow Cheapsters to be certain of this). Here at their outlet store, relocated from Cambridge, you can save as much as one-half on many lines of china, glassware, cooking utensils, and various household gadgets. Many of these are factory seconds (with tiny, often undistinguishable defects), closeouts, and leftovers. Great deals. Open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

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Interior designs sa_10.jpgInterior designs sa_11.jpgInterior designs sa_8.jpgInterior designs sa_9.jpgInterior designs sa_10.jpgInterior designs sa_11.jpgInterior designs sa_8.jpgInterior designs sa_18.jpgInterior designs sa_20.jpgI went on to explore the calcium carbonate found in my prenatal vitamins which is a calcium supplement made from chalk, limestone, and the shells of shellfish. Pregnant women do need sufficient calcium as it will assist with your baby’s teeth and bone development; if one does not get proper calcium intake, the baby will draw calcium directly from the mother’s body via her bones. Calcium can be found in natural food sources such as sunflower seeds, green beans, clams, figs, broccoli, sweet potatoes, oranges, almonds, and butternut squash. Some studies have shown that calcium carbonate found in prenatal vitamins can actually reduce bone mineral content in some women.16 In addition, calcium carbonate interferes with the absorption of the ferrous sulfate (mineral that supplies iron) when taken together, and they are automatically taken together since prenatal vitamins contain them in one pill.17 Another fact to consider is that calcium carbonate is known to contain lead. Of course they contain trace amounts of lead that are still deemed acceptable by the FDA but one must ponder the risks and rewards of calcium carbonate consumption when all of the facts are presented.

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