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Or go to a ballpark and watch the wave surge through the crowd; one after another, fans raise and lower their arms, but they never take a step. Now consider what happens when you bob offshore in water over your headwater in which the rising seafloor has not yet made swells slow down and break. The front slope of each swell lifts you, nudges you slightly forward, then the back slope lets you slide down to where you started. If waves really pushed staggering volumes of water across the ocean, they might also push you over the beach and right through the boardwalk. But some waveslets call them natures wild cardscan do just that. Interior designs living room Storm surges, for instance, are waves piled onto other waves whipped by howling winds. Squalls and hurricanes, like giant tractors gone mad, can drive miles-wide mounds of tossed water ahead of themselves. Rising tides (massive, twice-daily planetary waves) multiply the effect. This combination of forces pulverized Galveston, Texas, in 1900, killing more than 5,000 people.

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