Interior Designs Ideas For The Living Room

Interior Designs Ideas For The Living Room

Enhancing a picture

The frame, decorated in the sequence below, gives a classical look to this hand-tinted 1930s photograph. The paint and paper technique will enhance inexpensive prints, an illustration from an old post, or perhaps a piece of tapestry. Choose a clear image that will not be overpowered by the decoration on the frame.

1 Cut a strip of wallpaper to fit the width of the moulding and stick it to the frame with wallpaper paste (just add water to ready-pasted wallpaper).

2 Use oil-based paints, thinned with turpentine substitute, to paint over the wallpaper design in related colours this will give it a hand-painted look.

3 Cover the wallpaper with a sepia-coloured varnish (made with satin varnish mixed with a small amount of burnt umber oil paint) to give the frame an antique finish,

Decorating a Picture Frame moulding was first painted gold; then a strip of wallpaper was stuck on the frame. Choose from the wide range of wallpaper designs for an effect that is not as difficult or expensive as traditional gilding, but just as convincing. Subtle additions of paint and varnish combine to give the illusion of an antique, hand-painted finish.

Simple picture frames can be transformed by a variety of finishes to enhance the particular mood of a picture. Some techniques will look better on a flat frame – for example, paint effects like sponging or combing. Here, the frame is made from wooden moulding (180 for making frames), for a more solid surround. The edge of the

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