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Make dormer windows an asset. Here are pictures that tell their own story. We all know the little dormer above. Wise indeed was the decorator who used the plaid wallpaper only on the side walls to the ceiling, and painted the broken ceiling white above the small window, thereby making it seem larger. The second picture shows excellent use of space. The small window frame is enlarged with curtains and a valance, and a dressing table is placed beneath it.

High chests of drawers on either side under the eaves may be built in or be free-standing as here.

Built-in dressing tuble under a dormer window is a wise use of the space under the eaves. A tailored sort of dressing table is shown (above left) in a Colonial room where wooden cupboards with H hinges, Early American furniture, and hooked rugs make a quaint and delightful room. The paint may be white or pale blue. il shell forms a desk under the casement dormer window (above right) in this modern room, showing that you can turn a space into any atmosphere you choose to create. To change the subject, this reminds me that instead of papering the side walls, it is sometimes pretty in a low room to paper the ceiling and the sloping walls with a small pattern and paint the side and high walls a plain color. A floral stripe may be most effective. If this is done, paint the window recesses.

CHESTS OF DRAWERS under the dormer windows allow for 3 dressing table in this well-decorated room. The problem of where to stop the wallpaper, at the line of the dormer or the line of the ceiling, is answered in all of these pictures by carrying it up the sloping wall to the ceiling proper. By using an important wallpaper and nice furniture in a fair-sized room, i really nice guest or family 50m can be made under the roof

I have all the family leftovers in furniture and I just cant make a pretty room, writes a young bride. She goes on to say that some pieces are heavily ornamented golden oak, and Morris chairs, and even some modern tables, of a poor brown color. This is a problem. Make it a major job of modernizing. Rip off ornaments, cut off high legs, and see what you have. Get help from a carpenter, if necessary, to make your pieces into the simple forms of present-day furniture. Remove old finish and refinish all of them alike.

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