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OUR SALT ROCK HOLIDAY APARTMENT’S PATIO WAS drab with a brown and beige colour scheme, recall Brian and Cheryl Ross of Joburg. There was an impractically small bar counter and bright white tiles that gave off a terrible glare, so we didnt use it much.

HOW THIS SPACE WENT FROM DRAB TO FAB: Brian and Cheryl enlisted the help of interior architectural designer Cara Slater-Middlewick of Cara Slater Architectural Design and Decor to help them create a space where they could relax, entertain and enjoy the amazing sea views. First, they replaced the tiles with ones that are not as reflective. Then they installed a larger, weather-resistant counter and bar, made of Maxfine, a resilient Italian porcelain slab product, that seats eight comfortably.

Lastly, they added weatherproof furnishings like the bar stools from Chair Crazy, and wrought-iron furniture, all of which can be left outside. Even the fabrics on the cushions, are weather resistant, notes Cheryl.

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