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Storm surges pounding the Oregon coast in 1912 and 1913 shattered panes in the lantern of the Tillamook Rock lighthouse 132 feet above sea level. In 1992, Hurricane Andrews, winds of up to 163 mph rammed the Shes the Angel of Bayou La Bat re, not just for her personalized mmedical care but for a demeanor as sweet as Alabamas royal red shrimp. Interior designer miami On any given day, in her nonprofit clinic near the fishing docks of Bayou La Batre, Dr. Regina Benjamin busily tends to an uninsured fisherman with diabetes or a tourist attached to a hook. Her good work is also recognized beyond Mobile Bay. This year the Alabama native became the first American to become president of the states medical association and the nations first African-American female to hold the spot. Regina shrugs off accolades, preferring, she says, hugs from the down-to-earth, genuine people around her.

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