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The costs involved The shipping of pets is quite an expensive affair especially when travelling overseas. Make sure you get reliable cost estimates before booking a flight. In addition to paying for transport, you also have to pay for a health certificate, vaccinations, as well as a certificate from a registered veterinarian. Your certificates may also have to be translated and notarised for an additional cost at the consulate of the country you are travelling to.

For more information, visit Visit the immigration department of your country of residence and get information on the documents required for pet travel. offers information about pet shipping and will link you to agencies that specialise in pet travel

Meet Nepurko Keiwua, leading copywriter and biking enthusiast, who weaves through life with her words and her wheels. Words by Abigail Arunga. Pictures by Deepak Sankreacha

Nepurko’s job as an advertising copywriter involves working with words, which is something she does when she is on the job and off it as well. I work in copywriting, and I also write creative fiction on my blog… and dabble in witty motorcycling anecdotes on another blog out there. Words wheel out of Nepurko non-stop and she explains why she writes in the first place. There’s no shortage of material or inspiration.

There’s an opportunity in every encounter and experience. So I’ll always have something to write about.

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