Interior Design Pictures Ideas

Interior Design Pictures Ideas

Shelf Displays

Shelving can be a simple way of giving a flattering common denominator to a collection of objects, especially if you cover the shelves with fabric, paper, felt or baize. You can achieve a splendid effect quite casually by stapling fabric to the shelves, but you do have to take care (with the corners and the top and underside) and aim for professional perfection, otherwise they can just look tacky. Once upon a time people would line the edges of their built-in postshelves with fillets of carved wood or strips of embossed leather. You could do the same, or use wallpaper border or braid. Again, it has to be a perfect job. Measure the edges you want to decorate carefully and mitre any corners cleanly. Choose brass tacks to attach leather and braid, and glue for paper borders.

Old china begs to be displayed on a venerable Welsh dresser; it is a good idea to be disciplined about the range – blue and white always quickens the pulse, but there are more esoteric alternatives. The exuberant work of English 1930s lady potters (Clarice ClifTe, Charlotte Rhead, Suzie Cooper) or the clean line and colours of Fiesta ware from the USA, are bright and exhilarating and look wonderful against a wall dragged, or painted very solid and matt in a toning colour. In the 1930s eau de nil was a favourite colour, as was a particular warm cerise.

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