Interior Design Ideas Room Flat

Interior Design Ideas Room Flat


This is an ingenious fitting which aids draught exclusion around a doorway. Consisting of a hinged metal curtain pole attached to the wall at one end and the door at the other, it hangs a curtain across the inside of the door and opens with it.


Sash fasteners

These secure the two parts of a sash window, pushing them apart vertically and together horizontally. By pushing the sashes firmly into the frame, the

Finishing off action also cuts out draughts. Sash stays come in a variety of designs, most commonly traditional styles made either from iron, which you oil or paint, or lacquered brass, which you do not.

Casement fasteners

Casements require two fittings, a fastener at the side and a stay along the bottom which not only helps to keep the window closed but also allows it to be left open without flapping. Perhaps the prettiest design widely available is the rat-tail, which ends in a spiral shape.

Metal casements often have a cockspur fastener, where the part tha turns onto the window has two or more teeth, allowing the window to be fastened open just a fraction for ventilation.

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