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ARCHITECT: John Porter Clark

Architect John Porter Clark was also a 50 percent owner of this building. He was partners with a dentist, who sublet the remaining offices in the building to other dentists. Clark kept his own office in the building until his death in 1991.

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modern-green-colours-small-kitchen-interior-design-ideas.jpgAll of the nutrition information outlined in previous and following chapters will help to lower your risk of developing the condition. During my own pregnancy, I refrained from eating gluten 90 percent of the time (no one is perfect, and who doesn’t love a piece of pizza now and then?!) even though I do not have any sort of gluten intolerance. People noticed how I was abstaining from eating items such as bread, pasta, cereal, and crackers during my pregnancy, leading them to ask me if I was gluten-intolerant. I explained that since I was a woman of advanced maternal age (over thirty-five years old), I was at higher risk than usual for gestational diabetes so I limited or eliminated all items that were high in sugar or high in carbohydrates that would convert into sugar. The majority of these items, coincidentally, contain gluten so because of that association, I would not consume gluten containing items it had nothing to do with an intolerance. Some asked me if what I was doing was unhealthy since I was not eating any carbs. That is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about avoiding things like bread and pasta the assumption is that if you do not eat those foods then you do not eat any carbohydrates.

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