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Oscar winner Halle Berry, as Jinx in the latest tames Bond flick, sports a look reminiscent of Ursula Andress from Dr. Mo,” the first James Bond film. doubled as mysterious Interior design in house “Crab Key,” the base of operations for Bond’s “Dr. No” nemesis, Dr. Julius No. By the time “Live and Let Die” was filmed in 1974, Roger Moore had replaced Connery as James Bond. One of its most memorable scenes shows Moore, pursued by a band of villains, escaping across a river by stepping on the backs of snarling crocodiles. Some of those same leather-backed reptiles still make their home where the scene was shot, at Jamaica Safari Village, just outside of Montego Bay. After exploring all the wonders Jamaica has to offer, the cozy comforts of Goldeneye beckon. Sit in the sprawling media room with its big-screen TV and a complete collection of James Bond films on DVD. Or, better yet, sip a rum punch on the bluff. Listen to the sounds of the sea. Yes, you can just go and “Die Another Day.” Meanwhile, let the “gorgeous vacuum” that inspired Ian Fleming continue to cast its charm.

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