Interior Design Decorating Ideas

Interior Design Decorating Ideas

Calm the ceilings

Use matt paints on ceilings as these are non-reflective and can create a calm environment much more easily than using high gloss finishes. In fact, high gloss can make a room look big and impersonal as well as showing up all the flaws in your walls or ceilings.

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They have long shelf lives and contain harmful preservatives as well as other additives that will not contribute to your healthiest pregnancy. Some of these common ingredients that are found in gluten-containing, processed foods include but are not limited to soybean oil, high-fructose corn syrup, and soy lecithin. The majority of US soybeans are, like non-organic wheat, treated with Monsanto’s glyphosate, therefore the widely popular soybean oil that is found in numerous processed foods is also contaminated with the probable carcinogen. In addition, a high percentage of US corn is also treated with glyphosate so not only does high-fructose corn syrup contain a probable carcinogen, it is also even sweeter than sugar and we know that excessive sweeteners during pregnancy can be damaging. Soy lecithin is an additive that gives food a smooth texture; the chemical solvent hexane (a neurotoxin) is used to extract oil from the soybeans so traces of hexane will remain in these processed foods. Animal studies have suggested that a relatively small percentage of soy lecithin intake during pregnancy has resulted in unfavorable offspring outcomes such as poor reflexes and behavioral abnormalities.9 Not only are the above-mentioned unfavorable ingredients found in processed foods for adults, but baby foods contain them as well.

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