Interior Design And Decorating Ideas

Interior Design And Decorating Ideas

Transforming plain china

At the other extreme, a black background and shelves make the colour of their contents sing out -particularly if the china comes in warm autumn colours. If the china is predominately white, displaying it against a white background will make it look curiously grubby and inconsequential. But the most everyday white china can be piled on green baize-covered shelves and will gain sparkle and glamour from the contrast.

Shelves that flatter Simple shelving and cupboards, home-built in pine boards, are a classic country device. These are stained with a slightly translucent white oil-based glaze that shows up the knots and the crisp severity of black hinges and latches, while flattering the fine detail and quiet colours of their contents.

Shelf awareness The wall behind these shelves was once flesh-coloured, as a result of which all the objects melted into their background. After the wall was repainted with a carefully chosen green, the ceramics and glassware sprang to shining life. The paint is thinned acrylic, slapped on with a big brush and then wiped off roughly with a rag.

FASHIONED KITCHEN tools and receptacles are always satisfying to collect and the less pretentious the display, the better it looks. Butcher’s shop fittings provide the perfect combination of storage and display, and will absorb a clutter of jugs and colanders, festoons of dried rosemary and thyme, as well as hefty and dignified black enamel pans and willow baskets, and look all the better for it.

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