Interior Decorating Ideas Living Room

Interior Decorating Ideas Living Room

In general, dark colors make a room look smaller, while light colors open it up. Small is better when introducing color to a room. You can jazz up a room with some colorful pillows which can be switched out for seasons or on a whim. Pillows, candles, throw rugs, towels, bedspreads, pictures or paintings can add vibrancy to your everyday life.

So between white and black are yellow, red and blue. Observe this color wheel:

As you can see, the right part of the wheel contains cool colors and the left side of the wheel has warm colors. Warm colors are sunny while cool colors are cloudy! Either a color is stimulating (warm) or soothing (cool).

Now this begs the question: What colors go with what other colors? I guess there are no hard and fast rules on this, because the rules have all been broken by interior decorators. Your main aim with wall and furniture colors is to create the atmosphere you want in a particular room.

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For instance, some people prefer to decorate their bedrooms in soothing colors like blue or green. Personally, and decorating is always a matter of individual taste, I love color in any room, even the bedroom. So my bedroom might be salmon colored or yellow, but this is not typical!!

In cruising the new home open houses down the street today, I noticed the decorators had almost exclusively used browns and beige colors. How boring! At least bring a bit of color into your rooms, even if those colors are pastels, or vibrant pillows. Buy artwork you love, in a color you like, and decorate with these colors in mind.

When using color, keep walls, rugs/flooring and size of the room in mind. In our house, at one point, we’d gone crazy with color. My room was light salmon, the guest room was green and the living room was accented with brown. But there was not a cohesive theme through the small house, so when we went to sell it, the realtor felt the colors were a bit overwhelming. A lesson learned! Walk through your house and see how you can tie the colors together for a cohesive look. Bring home swatches from the paint stores and work with them, tape them to the wall, stand back and look, leave them up for a day or two until you decide on color. And, another decision to make is whether to paint one accent wall or all four room walls.

But you don’t always need to cover walls with color, especially apartment dwellers who can’t change anything. In this case, or if you prefer off white walls, use colors in accents such as pillows, artwork, trims, lamps, towels, sheets, bedspreads and throw rugs.

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