Interior bedroom designs


Top off your home’s most beloved spaces with beautiful (and budget-friendly) finishes.

One of the best things about building a timber home? You can make it look any way you want. But this freedom can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. And this is especially true in your kitchens and baths, where you want the space to look great, but function well, too.

White cabinetry brings a clean, calm feel to any bathroom space. We love these designs from Crown Point Cabinetry (top) and Specialty Woodworks Co. (above).


1. Choose oak or hickory instead of maple or cherry. More common wood types typically have a lower price tag.

2. Pick a simple style over an elaborate design. Instead, spend your money on storage features (think roll-out shelves) that will make your kitchen or bath more efficient.

3. Choose a standard stain or finish. Paints, glazes, antiquing and distressing cost more.

4. Opt for fewer cabinets in larger sizes. Even though they may be smaller, incorporating more cabinets will be more expensive.

5. Go with standard overlay doors and hinges, rather than full-overlay cabinets (where the hinges are concealed).

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