Inspirational Living Room Ideas

LIVING ROOM A preference the couple had was for large-format laminates in the carpentry so that there would be minimal joint lines. So, the design team kept this in mind when constructing the television feature wall. Here, dark woodgrains imbue warmth into the home.

At 753 square feet, this penthouse apartment is tiny. But there is much going for it. For one, it offers a gorgeous bird’s eye view of the sprawling Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore’s largest nature park. As for the apartment, it boasts double-volume living spaces and massive windows. The high ceiling mitigates the limited floor area, and natural light flows easily into the spaces.

For the couple, a two-bedroom home that comes with a study offers sufficient room for their lifestyle needs. But there were some things they wanted tweaked to maximise the space. “As this is a penthouse with an almost 4.7-metre high ceiling, the intention was to make use of the double volüme.

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Living room feature wall


DINING AREA The dining area connects with the kitchen, and it serves as a transitional space between the kitchen and living area. A full-height mirrored wall located near the entrance enlarges the space visually, so it doesn’t feel cramped as one walks into the home.

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