Ideas For Decorating Small Living Room

Ideas For Decorating Small Living Room

After Precautions

The task is now completed, but it remains to ensure that the finished work is protected against possible mishap.

Leaving the room quietly, wedge the door just a little ajar so that air may be admitted, but the risk of dust entering will be minimized and if the use of the room can be entirely suspended for the following twenty-four hours, so much the better. It is not always realized that even ordinary movements create fine dust even in the cleanest apartment.

After pouring into a pot as shown in Fig. 78, pour hot water into the bowl. Take great care not to let any water get into the enamel. If the mouth of the tin is large enough to take the brush easily there is no need to pour the enamel out into a pot. The tin can be stood in the bowl instead.

Hardening Time

After one night has elapsed the bathroom may be used in the ordinary way, except that the longer the bath itself can remain out of action the better. A week is not too long a period for the complete hardening of the enamel, which is one reason why the days immediately preceding the family holiday are a good time for undertaking the work of renovation.

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