Ideas For Decorating Living Room

Outdoor furnishings and fabrics are equally easy to care for. Linda selected synthetic wicker furniture available in a variety of colors. This innovative woven material is used to create chaise longues, barstools, and rocking chairs. Additional teak chaise longues (pictured on page 58) have back and leg adjustments for comfort, and wheels for maneuverability.

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Linda chose aquamarine, navy, and sky blue for the deck cushions. Ideas for decorating living room Made from a color-dyed acrylic solution spun into yarn, the cushions are both fade-resistant and quick-drying. The attached guesthouse serves several purposes.

Besides privacy for visitors, it gives family members a getaway from the main house. Outfitted with a full bath, galley kitchen, outdoor shower, pullout sofa, skirted dining table, and TV armoire, this cozy space fills all the needs of a complete house.

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