How To Living Room Decoration

How To Living Room Decoration

DRILLING through the top rail of the frame below the shelf MARRING the position for the shelf

Place the shelf in position, using the guideline. Glue the mitred corner together. Use a dowel bit to drill 25 mm (1 in) holes into the underside of the top of the frame, leaving no more than 45 cm (18 in) between each hole. Through the centre of each hole drill a pilot hole up into the shelf Screw the shelf to the frame.

Measure and cut the side panels from high density building board. Cut the long side as one piece from end to end, but cut it again, vertically, where it coincides with the vertical support for the access hatch. Then cut the smaller section into three: the top strip will be the same depth as the architrave moulding and fits behind it; the centre piece is the access panel itself; the bottom section is the same height as the skirting board and fits behind that.

Lay all the boards for the side panels on the floor and mark the positions for the moulding. Cut lengths of softwood moulding, mitre corners at 45° and glue and pin in position.

Nail the side panels to the frame, using lost-headed nails – punch home and back-fill with wood filler. Use screws for the access panel, so that it can be removed as necessary (the screw heads can be disguised with plastic screw covers).

As final decorative touches, fix architrave moulding around the top of the panels, beneath the shelf, and skirting board around the bottom of the panels, mitring corners at 45°. Also add a length of corner-angle moulding to cover the sharp edge of the corner between the top moulding and the skirting board. The completed box can be painted, perhaps picking out the panel sections or the moulding in different colours.

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