How to Install Wood Flooring

How to Install Wood Flooring


Parquet floors are made up of indiual wood blocks, which traditionally 6mm (Min) thick

Decorative wood flooring which are now usually 10mm (%in) thick. They are available in different sizes and types of wood.

Parquet can be used to create the same types of pattern as wood-block and even more complex designs such as ‘parquet de Versailles’. The blocks can either be fitted to the subfloor individually or they are supplied as panels ready to be laid. There are some elaborate and sumptuous designs

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which are, in fact, marquetry floors made up from small pieces of dark and light woods. The wood is laser-cut to size in a factory and comes ready to fit with a cotton backing that is glued onto the subfloor. Finely detailed borders are also possible a Greek key pattern, for instance; and complex arrangements of stars and repeat patterns can be used over an entire floor. Needless to say, this type of floor is hugely expensive and definitely requires professional installation, but it is one of the most beautiful floorings available. 0

Wood mosaic panels

Wood mosaic is a very economical type of flooring. The small wooden blocks are either fixed to a backing material that holds the whole pattern together, or the blocks can have a paper fixing on their face that is removed after fitting.

The blocks are arranged in various simple patterns basket-weave pattern, for example, or Haddon Hall. To fit wood mosaic, the panels are glued to a subfloor, normally in the same way as flexible tiles ( 174-175), although some are available with a sell-adhesive backing. In addition, some types of mosaic panels are tongued and grooved so that the tiles slot together without the risk of high spots (one panel sitting proud of others) developing. Mosaic panels are supplied either pre-finished or sanded ready for subsequent varnishing. 0

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