How To Design Your Outdoor

How To Design Your Outdoor
Colorful Stains
Many homeowners are now using color to make the deck stand out from the crowd. The Flood Company, a maker of wood-care products says that whitewashing the deck with a solid color stain provides an elegant, upscale look. Contrast this with black wrought iron or red cedar furniture for a striking statement. Two-toning the deck is another dramatic option. For example, you might like white railings around a natural wood flooring or a floor stained gray. No need to wait a season or two for a new deck to weather gracefully. Now you can enjoy that silvery gray finish instantly with a stain. In this way you can help to waterproof and color at the same time.
Thompson’s Water Seal, a respected name in this area, offers more than one hundred different stain colors. Flood’s Solid Color Stain can be custom mixed just like paint, with dozens of colors ranging from white to gray to red and olive. Even neutrals can be fun to work withyou can add color in your fabrics and pots of flowers.
Flood’s stain is abrasion-, chalk-, and mildew-resistant and offers convenient soap and water cleanup. They also have a product called Seasonite New Wood Treatment. If you’d like a free wood-care guide, call 1 (800) 356-6346, ext. 322 or visit their Web site at

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