How To Design Your Living Room Ideas

How To Design Your Living Room Ideas

Ornate Pelmet Picture-frame moulding either bought new or recycled from an old frame makes a theatrical pelmet over a window. It will look spectacular if it is heavily gilded or painted with a bravura Finish.

Before you fix the pelmet to the wall, decide whether you want to drape material over the pelmet – the depth of the bracket holding the pelmet to the wall will need to provide a gap for this.

Measure the length of moulding you need for your window and cut each end at 45°. Position the moulding above the window, then using a spirit level (or, in an older dwelling, following the picture rail, cornices or lintel, if they exist) lightly mark the position of the pelmet on the wall above the window.

Position your first set of angle brackets on the wall and secure -use a masonry bit to drill into the wall and insert wall plugs to take screws. Use as many brackets as the weight of your pelmet demands: moulding from an old frame can often be very heavy and will need support at regular intervals along the whole of its length.

Mark the position for each bracket on the pelmet by holding the pelmet up against the brackets on the wall. Screw brackets to the pelmet. If the pelmet is particularly deep, then it will need support lower down too. Take small blocks of wood and drill a hole in each, the same diameter as a piece of dowel. Glue a length of dowel (the same depth as the brackets) in each block and then glue the blocks to the pelmet.

To fix the pelmet to the wall brackets, sit the pelmet brackets on top of those on the wall and pass short, slotted bolts through from below. Tighten up with nuts, using pliers or a small wrench.

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