How To Decorate Small Living Room Apartment

How To Decorate Small Living Room Apartment


VARNISH may be defined as a solution, generally of gums or resins, the purpose of which is to impart protection and gloss to the surface to which it is applied.

Successful varnishing depends upon:

First, proper preparation of the groundwork.

Second, correct choice of an appropriate varnish.

Third, the utmost possible degree of cleanliness in working at every stage.

The number of varnishes made is considerable, and new types, such as the cellulose compounds, are constantly being introduced but when we speak of varnish we generally mean the older and better-known kinds, which are technically described as oil varnishes* because linseed or tung oil enters largely into their composition.

A large part of the success of any varnishing job will depend upon the right choice of a suitable material. Therefore a brief classification may be useful.

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