Houses Decorations Ideas

Houses Decorations Ideas

Effect of Hot Weather on Varnish

In hot weather, for instance, it becomes thinner in consistency, but this is apt to be deceptive if it leads us to suppose that it can be dallied with during application. The heat which causes it to become thinner while in bulk, also causes it to dry more quickly when it is spread on a surface FIG- 82. this looks simple but it must be done and this IS particu- in pouring varnish from the container to the larly SO if the sun using vessel, care should be taken that the varnish • a:. .1 flows gently so as to avoid aerating it, otherwise

IS Shining directly bubbles may form on the finished work on it.

Therefore, under such conditions, the varnish should be put on and laid off evenly as quickly as possible, otherwise a satisfactory result will not be attained. It is well to so time the work as to do it when it is in shadow.

Varnish should be acclimatized before use Another thing to be avoided is the sudden removal of varnish from a warm place of storage to a colder situation and its immediate use there. Far better is it to keep the varnish for at least twenty-four hours in a similar temperature to that in which it is to be applied; in other words, to acclimatize it before use.

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