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Pantries come in three basic configurations: reach-in, pull-out and walk-in. All have their pros and cons, and will.

Work to suit different spaces and home styles.

Reach-In. The ideal reach-in pantry is shallow enough that all items are visible and easy to reach.

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The maximum depth of a fixed pantry shelf should be 16 inches, but 14 inches is better. (Anything deeper than 16 inches requires a pull-out shelf. ) Keep in mind that pull-out shelves are usually used for the bottom half of the pantry; Lazy Susans should be used above eye-level. A Lazy Susan turntable brings anything at the.

Back of the pantry to the front where it can be seen at the flick of the wrist.

PuH-Out. A pull-out pantry is a reach-in pantry turned on end and inserted into a cabinet. A door panel is then attached to the front and the pantry operates like a drawer on its side. If it is accessible from both sides, it can be as wide as 24 inches. If its accessible from just one side, 16 inches is the maximum width. A pull-out pantry is not as convenient to use as a reach-in pantry since, in order to get to the items stored, you must first.

ABOVE: California Closets; OPPOSITE, LEFT (2): Lands End Development photos by Rick Hammer; FAR RIGHT: pepperdesignblog. Com.

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