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Louvre roofs Opening louvre roofs are growing in popularity and for good reason. Prized for their versatility, they can be angled to allow sunlight to filter through or you can dose them completely. Some also have rain sensors so you can furnish your pergola, secure in the knowledge that once it starts to rain the louvres will automatically shut tight, keeping your furniture nice and dry. As an added benefit, if you position the louvres at the right angle they’ll capture cooling breezes in summer, The support frame for a louvre rool can be bull from an array of hard-wearing materials including hradwood timber, House interior design ideas pictures aluminium and powder coated steel, and the roofing structure itself can be gabled, flat roofed or whatever style best suits your home and garden. mention add value to your home. You can choose from a clear PVC cafe-style blind or a tinted mesh-type shade. Clear blinds give you the benefit of an uninterrupted view while staying sheltered from rain and wind, while tinted mesh-type blinds can offer much needed privacy from neighbours and provide protection from the full force of the sun. Outdoor blinds are perfect for balconies and there are good-quality products at both ends of the market. Things that define the price include how the blind is secured when down, whether it is manually retracted or motorised, and how it is connected to the other blinds next to it (such as zips or a track-guided system). Standard blinds are spring-loaded and manually pulled down, fastened to the ground with some sort of buckle, strap, rope or fastener. The next level up has models with a manual winding system and at the higher end of the market, there are motorised models that extend and retract the blind.

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