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House Designs Ideas

Classic panelled doors

There is nothing to beat the classic proportions of panelled doors. They come in thousands of different permutations – from a simple double panel, to ornate double doors with ten panels between them, which can be further embellished by carving or marquetry. The proportions of the panels varied from one era to the next: the Jacobeans often favoured small square panels; early eighteenth-century doors had bevelled round-headed and cross-braced panels; later in the eighteenth century panels on doors were both vertical and horizontal.

Panelled outside doors look good painted black or red or a good strong dark green – military colours that go well with brass door furniture. Back doors, on the other hand, look fine in the cracked and faded blues and greens of French farmhouse doors.

Stained glass and plain glazed panels, in the door itself, or in the transom light above it – particularly in etched or strong Victorian red and blue glass – are a useful light source in a dark hall, and shed a lovely precise beam of light when the sun shines through them. The patterns on contemporary glass are often ugly – better to find stained glass panels, or have them made, or use plain or etched frosted glass.

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