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The usual solution for lighting a pantry is to install a recessed light in the ceiling in front of the pantry and call it a day, but this creates a situation where the top shelves are well-lit, but the illumination decreases as you get closer to the floor. Instead, aim to light each area of the pantry evenly.

For walk-ins, go for under-shelf fixtures to shed extra light. In a reach-in, experts recommend installing an LED light strip down the two front corners of the pantry cabinet. In this location they are out of sight, and, at 2.9 lumens per linear foot, the strips illuminate each shelf quite well extend the pantry, then push it back into place when you are done. But in small kitchens where space is at a premium, it may be a smart pantry solution that provides plenty of storage space.

Walk-In. A walk-in pantry is usually a small room, essentially a closet, for storing food and other kitchen needs. A walk-in is great for storing large bulk items, but because it is sometimes remotely located, it can be inconvenient to use for daily food storage. For that reason, many kitchens with walk-in pantries also include a smaller, more convenient pantry inside the kitchen that is re-stocked periodically. The minimum walkway or aisle width in a walk-in should be 36 inches, and shelves should be no deeper than 16 inches. The shelf just above eye level should be no deeper than 14 inches and the one above thatjust 12 inches. This step back allows you to better see whats on the upper shelves. Also, incorporating countertops and cabinets in an oversized walk-in is a great idea for storing bowls, utensils and other seldom-used kitchen appliances (stand mixers, blenders, etc.).

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