House Design Ideas

House Design Ideas

Door and Window Fitments

Door furniture – hinges, locks, handles, latches, knockers, escutcheons and finger plates – repays diligent research. There are excellent reproductions available of all periods and they can make a huge difference to a sense of authenticity. The same applies to windows, where fittings should be in keeping with the period of the rest of the house.

The choice of door and window fittings must be dictated by the personality of your house – heavy oak doors with panels and studs and gnarled black hinges and latches belong to a Tudor mansion (but must be authentic – this is a disaster area for fakes); humble reinforced battened doors (ledged and braced) are right in a cottage; unglazed panelling is right for Georgian houses, and glazed for Victorian. With Georgian houses in particular you should be punctilious about details: slight errors will show.

Finding attractive doors to Fit an existing door-frame is an easy, if exasperating task. There are countless second-hand and stripped-door merchants, but it will astonish you how many tiny and crucial variations in size and thickness of doors there are. You may find it easiest to start by choosing the doors and then ask the builder to build the opening to Fit.

If you want to put in a new door where none existed before, or make a larger door frame, keep a sensitive eye on the period and proportions of the house – it is a good idea to make a scale drawing of the wall and doors First. Altering a door frame is surprisingly straightforward when done by a competent builder (check with an architect or knowledgeable builder about the necessity for a rolled-steel joist).

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