Home Painting Ideas

Home Painting Ideas
The wall treatment you choose should be in keeping with the room’s other decorative and practical elements. Here, a rough plaster wall distressed in warm ochre perfectly complements the simple units and collection of rustic kitchen accessories.
A. A sense of harmony is created in this peaceful bathroom by using simple, blue-stained timber on walls, floors and window. The staining, when teamed with a classic white suite and a Matisse-inspired motif, creates a chic rather than a rustic look.
Whether you are inclined towards a bold modern look, or a delicate, subdued scheme, vou can create any effect with paint; practically anything is possible. Your best guide will undoubtedly be the room itself.
There are, of course, some things that you probably cannot change short of a complete remodelling job. The room’s proportions, and the size and position of windows and architectural details, are probable starting points when you are deciding how to tackle the space. If you have a small room, for example, a pale colour will give you a brighter, more airy look. But equally, you might like to go in the opposite direction and use dark colours to enhance or create a cosy or ‘clubby’ feeling.
However, there is little point in setting yourself an impossible task. You can only work against a room’s natural inclination to a certain point further than that, and it proves to be a frustrating, fruitless and expensive exercise. For instance, a dark, north-lacing room can rarely be made to look bright and cheerful, whatever its proportions. Indeed, a chilly light on bright, jolly colours can even make them look harsh, dreary and depressing. It is always best as with other aspects of decorating to work with what you have, enhancing and developing it. It is probably better to choose dark colours such as terracotta, mossy green or midnight blue tor a north-facing room and then enjoy the challenge of creating a rich, opulent scheme.

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