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Jonathan approached the designs just as he does his paintings, using a variety of techniques that are sympathetic to the subject. For Angels’Wings, he painted the original design on plaster to give a fresco effect, The fabulous fresh colourways include lime, turquoise and sky blue, along with red and naturals. “Actually, I think the hardest thing was choosing the final colouways,” says Jonathan. “They all turned out so well that trying to decide which ones to leave out was the most difficult task of all! Browser: A software program for using the internet. Home office qualifications Cookies: Info sent by a web server to store on a browser for future reference. It allows the website operator to give you (the surfer) a personal ‘set-up’ for their pages, However in opting for the set-up, you will be asked to give info about yourself, which they can then use. Down-load:This is where the website allows the surfer to take info and keep it in their own computer for future reference. Tip – always down-load on to a floppy disk and virus check it before placing it on to the hard drive.

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