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Ubiquitous umbrellas Just like other shade solutions, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to umbrellas. Home office interior design ideas Prices range from a cheap $50 model to one that can cost around $1000. Obviously quality distinguishes the different ends of the scale, and it is important to go for the best one you can afford. Your umbrella will be copping many weather extremes so it needs to be made of high-quality materials and of sturdy construction to ensure it lasts many summers. Look out for one made of durable material that has some sort of UV resistance. Depending on how much room you have and your outdoor furniture, you can choose from a standard market umbrella on a central stand, or one with a side post (like a hangman frame). Side-post umbrellas are great because the frame is out of the way ” plus they look great! Quality umbrellas usually have a winder handle with an internal winch mechanism. More expensive models also have the option of the canopy being tilted and rotated.

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